Fishing in Twin Peaks

Find Twin Peaks Best Fishing Spots with Pete Martell, our fish expert.

Whether you have an appetite for salmon, perch, walleye, tuna or trout, you can plan to snag your favorite catch in Twin Peaks rivers and lakes.

Common catches in Twin Peaks



The smallest of the Pacific salmons, the average size of a pink salmon is 3-5 lbs. 


Lingcod are highly regarded sport fish and food fish.


The King Salmon is an important food and commercial fish, and due to its large size and game nature, an important sport fish.


The brown trout is one of the worldís most widely distributed and highly esteemed freshwater fish.

I like fishing ! Yes, that’s my passion. I’ve been traveling on the shores of Black Lake for years, and it’s always a great pleasure. Try fishing in Twin Peaks, you may get the big prize!

Pete Martell

Fish Lover, Twin Peaks

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