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Golf & Country Club

The ultimate Twin Peaks Golf experience

Located just 10 minutes from Twin Peaks city center, the par 72 layout offers world-class golf, stunning views and plays 7,269 yards from the championship tees. Accompanying the outstanding golf course, , driving range and practice areas, a full-service restaurant and golf shop inside the beautiful log/cedar clubhouse will further enhance your golfing experience at Twin Peaks Golf & Country Club.

The best place around to hit some balls !

Leland Palmer

Golf Lover, Twin Peaks

Bike Renting

It will blow your mind away

Gear up for the motorcycle adventure of your lifetime on Twin Peaks Motorcycle Tour. You will ride through some of the most scenic land in the West including a tour through hundreds of miles of virtually untouched American Indian Territory. Climb on your Harley and get ready to experience the most beautiful miles in America as you ride along the Canadian border. You will be surrounded by Mother Nature at its finest with the best forest and lake views anyone can ask for.



Dive Into Magic

Caves are found in a variety of rock types and in other substances such as ice. There are also a variety of types of caves, but the most common are caves formed by the dissolving of bedrock known as solution caves, as open conduits in cooled fields of lava known as lava caves or tubes, by wave actions along sea and lake coasts known as sea or littoral caves, and as open spaces beneath talus piles known as talus caves.

The Owl Cave is the most famous cave in Twin Peaks. Named for the many owls which inhabit it, it is significant for its ancient Native American petroglyphs, carved into its stone walls.

It is through the local Indians that we first learned of OWL CAVE. If they did not carve the cave out of the landscape, they certainly discovered it.


Caving is such a great experience ! I don’t want to leave Twin Peaks ! Come with me !

A Man

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